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Simon Bourn

Simon Bourn

Bachelor of Arts

Male |Nantes, France

Tools for TOEIC Success

3 Feb

2009 06:00 AM (CST)

This class ran for 54 minutes

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About the class

About the class

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What language will you need to pass your TOEIC exam? There is no way to know what subjects the test questions will come from. The best way to succeed is to practise reading and listening to English as much as you can, and to increase your general English vocabulary. No expensive materials are required: most of the best techniques use material that is freely available on the Internet. These sessions will provide you with some tools and practical tips on how to practice the English you need to improve your TOEIC score, and to enjoy doing it!

This session would cover the following topics:

  • Designing a realistic study plan
  • Setting goals and tracking your progress
  • Using free online tools for language learning
  • Techniques for increasing your vocabulary from reading texts
  • Best websites for finding interesting, relevant material to practice reading and listening
  • Getting the maximum learning value from video

About the Host

Simon Bourn

Simon Bourn

Bachelor of Arts
Nantes, France

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